Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Decoration Storage

Well Christmas is almost here and if you're anything like me the decorations will be coming down soon after!  Here are a few tips on storing your ornaments/decorations without breaking them.

1.  Save your tissue Christmas morning!  If you made bows this year for your garlands or tree you are going to need tissue paper.  I use tissue to put in each of the loops to prevent smashing the bow while in storage.  This will help your bows last longer.  You will also want the tissue to wrap your ornaments in.

2.  Buy large plastic bins to store decorations.  There are several reasons to just spend the money now on the bins.  They stack, keep out bugs, are waterproof, have handles, have lids....I think you get the picture that I like the storage bins!  I even have the larger bins to store my fireplace garland in.  For any garlands, take any bows and breakable ornaments off, then place gently in the bin.  If you still have room on the top you can place your stuffed bows and fragile ornaments on top.  

3.  Pack by room.   When I'm putting my Christmas away I just want it to be done and I always have to remind myself to take the time to do it right.  Next year I will be grateful.  Dedicate a bin (or more if needed) per room and make sure you label your bins.  This will make it easier next year when you are getting everything out and put in the correct place.  If you are packing bows or florals pack these last.  You will want to place them on top of your ornaments or even dedicate them to their own bin.  

4.  Keep glass ornaments out of the attic!  If you have glass ornaments you do not want to see broken or any ornaments with tons of glitter and glue, do not keep these in the attic or garage.  The summer heat will break them or melt the glue.  Find a place in another closet to keep these.  If you are one of the lucky ones with a basement you are set!

5.  Wreaths  The easiest option here is to buy a wreath bin to store it in.  If you would rather you can place it on top of your bins but make sure you place an old sheet over it to keep the dust off.  Again if there are bows pack the loops with tissue.  

These few extra steps will keep everything looking great next year.  

Enjoy your holidays!!!  

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